Home Business Success Stories From Women Around The World

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Home Business Success Stories From Women Around The World

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These stories are so amazing…..and so true!

The secret is follow the system…follow the directions.

and get to work….

Almost everyone who has had success in this industry…has followed a proven system…and got to work!

Follow the directions and do the work…that is the secret.

When your dream is bigger than life and you have the MIND SET that you will do what ever it takes….you can change your life!

fire your boss


This is what Amber did!


She fired her boss after 1 month from going to an event.






Home Business Success Stories From Women Around The World

People from all around the world are saying the same thing…over and over.

Do not complicate it!  Get out of the way.  Stop thinking so hard and have blind faith.

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People always ask me…is it really that easy?

Now because everything that Empower Network has done…by taking all the technical stuff out of the way…

Now All you need to do is get busy and add content..  Content is KING.


I am the world’s worst writer…are you reading this?

But people like it and the more I do it…the better I get and the easier it is….now do it everyday.


“Blog Daily” Continued


Part #2 – Share your blog with the world!


  1. Email Your Contact Lists (GVO, Aweber ect)
  2. Email to your Empower Network downline to help with comments and syndication!
  3. Your Personal Facebook wall, Pages & Groups (the empower blog will need to have domain masking to post in facebook: Social Media Bar works the best)
  4. Google +
  5. linkedin
  6. Twitter
  7. Pinterest
  8. Optional: You can create a Facebook or Skype syndication group that will comment on your blog posts!


 Home Business Success Stories From Women Around The World


“Market Daily” (4th Daily Core Commitment)



Part #1 Create Video Promoting Your Blog Post

Post it to youtube, gvo and any other video sites you want…


Part 2 – Start leveraging paid marketing as soon as you can…  Solo Ads, Banners or even Facebook Promote or PPC…


Part 3 – Email Your Aweber or GVO List at least 1 or 2 times today. Suggestions:

  • Your blog post
  • Your video from the video challenge
  • Swipe copy from leaders
  • Invite to next live hangout or call
  • Inspired story


Part 4 – Email your personal team something like:

  • Team Updates
  • This Daily Assignment
  • Any Team Calls going on this week
  • Empower training you recently went through and loved (let them know about it)
  • Breakthroughs you recently had


Part #5 – Spend about 15 minutes growing your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn & Myspace)



Get Going….Take Massive Action For 90 days and see what happens

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