Home Business Failure | Did You Quit Home Business

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Home Business Failure | Did You Quit Home Business

This is a common issue…Did you Quit?

I had someone on my team send me a email…SAYING They Are Going To Quit…

“I am so sorry to tell you this, I am about to quit in EmpowerNetwork.


This is the email I got from him…

His name is Obed Efakwu, he lives in Italy.  I am not sure where he found me, but started talking on Skype last month.

This blog post is not about Obed….it is about QUITING…Why start anything with the intent on quiting after 25 days…..Think about it!!!

Why would you start anything and only give it 3 week?

I know it is only $25 to get started…not a lot of money…. But really.

It really is the difference about starting and finishing something….

Starting a home business and making it work any way possible….Right?  You do not start/buy a business to quit….

Yet people in home business do it all the time.  People hear stories and see people making all kinds of money, living in nice houses, driving nice cars…..and want that lifestyle….but really do not have what it takes to make it happen for them selves.

affiliate marketing mapIn any business you buy or start has a system…and the experts say follow a proven system and you should have some kind of success.

Every business that is a franchise has a system.  Every business owner has worked long hours.  Every business owner needs to learn how the business is run, how to market, hire employees…get customers.

Nothing is learned over night and never in 30 days….

But in home business….people start something and quit in 30, 60 days all the time….I think they are want a bees.. they want something…but do not want to learn new skills and make it happen….

And …really that is ok….not everyone can be rich!!

Home Business Failure | Did You Quit Home Business

joinempower network1

I have been in my home business for over 6 years…and I never quit!  I knew that if people were making money online that it is possible…Watch My Video

I have had my good days and bad days…I have had BIG months and months that i make nothing….the first year…I made nothing and spent $18000 on SHIT……but I never quit.

Now fast forward…I made the most money with empower Network than anything I have made with any other company….Every company needs a marketing system…right?

When you have a product that solves a problem…you have customers….

The real problem in home business is MARKETING…if you do not know how to market…you have no business.


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