Home Business Duplication Proof

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Home Business Duplication Proof

Most home business have no duplication…why is that?

If you have ever been involved with a home business…maybe you can answer this question.  Did you have success?

Did you follow the system?  Did you act like your business was open?

Did you tell anyone about it?  Did you market your products?

Or…were you a Secret Agent?   Involved but no one ever knew you were open for business…

Here is a message I received today:

Dude…..After ONE Week of Think and Grow Rich Mindset Calls….and Two Google Hangout….One week of Prosperity Team Webinaars…and your help for almost three months…. I GOT MY FIRST PAID SIGNUP LAST NIGHT!!!!  One week before convention “Get Money”!!!!  Happy Firday!!


So, does your business have duplication?

Or are you talking about the dream and living the nightmare?

no hype mlm


Is this YOU?









Home business is hard….anyone who says it is not is lying…..but it is worth it.

If you really understand your WHY…Why you are building a business…it becomes much easier.

I have experienced 3 phases in my business….when I was trying to do it alone.

Phase 1


  • Frustration with learning all things that i do not understand…all the internet stuff…all the tools I need to have..but have no idea how they work.
  • Making no money,  Failing over and over again.
  • After a few months of reading/learning…things start to come together.
  • You make your first sale


Phase 2

  • You start to listen to what people are saying…because you understand what they are saying….
  • You market everyday
  • You read/listen to audios…you mindset changes
  • Sales start to become a weekly event
  • Your team is building…because you are leading by example
  • Your belief changes…your posture is different and everyone around you starts to notice.
  • You have your first $1000 week.
  • Then your first $7000 month
  • Your team is duplicating for the first time…
  • You have your fist $10000 month

Phase 3

  • Your team is having similar results – they are duplicating
  • Over the next 12 months you work less and make more money.
  • You still market everyday, but you are using leverage of out-sourcing
  • You have your first $50000 month

You have built a huge business using the internet.

You have built a huge business with out picking up the phone.

You have built a huge business with out going to home parties and chasing friends and family.


Home Business Duplication Proof

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