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This is a phenomenon that is similar to that of the California Gold Rush back in the early 1900′s where more fortunes were made in selling the “picks and shovels” to prospectors than were actually made by striking gold!

This “pick and shovel” mentality is currently creating huge fortunes for savvy Network Marketers who have either created their own systems, or have become successful affiliates for other people’s systems, and Rod is an expert in this area because he has been creating systems to market Network Marketing opportunities for over 20 years.

I have been marketing “tools” to the home business nitch for 6 years.  Tools either help with technology or give you education on marketing.  It all comes down to traffic generation to get in front of people who are looking for what you have…..to generate a lead and a sale.  $$$$$  We all need tools and education.  This is where Rod can help.

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In my opinion, the HBB Academy will be a huge success in the Network Marketing industry and will be another notch of success in Rod’s belt which will also spell success for those who get on board and begin marketing the system for great affiliate income.

Can you imagine getting paid $300, $600 and $900 on every sale? How many sales do you need everyday to pay your mortgage?

HBB Academy

When you plug in and apply marketing for this affiliate or your main program…can be life changing.


What would happen if you apply what Rod teaches and you started to sponsor 5 new people every month in your main program…now think about 10 new people , now 15 new every month.  How fast would your team grow?  How long would it take before you started getting paid $2000 or $5000 every month.


it all come down to marketing…Right?

Getting new people in front of your website or presentation.  When this happens everyday…your business starts to change.

So, the question is …how do your do this?  What are the things that you do everyday to get this done…these are what you will learn when you plug into HBB Academy.


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