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If you are one of those blogging aspirants who wish to increase their blog traffic in the years to come, then all you need is a proper guide to blogging. A guide to blogging helps you understand what blogging is all about, if you are a novice; else it will show you ways by which you can blog strategically and grow your blog audience. So all you need to learn is to blog strategically and not tactically.

With a proper guide to blogging, you will be able to define a long term goals to make your blog successful and the ways and means to reach those goals. There can be many ways and means like to increase short term traffic, going for a blog contest and so on. The thing worth understanding is that the tactics can be many, but the overall strategy remains the same which can be decided through a guide to blogging.

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To start with, guide to blogging propagates defining a long term quantifiable goals for your blog. These goals can be for a few months or even for an entire year. And these can be measured by using blog analytics tools like Google analytics. Just ensure that you define specific and realistic goals.

The second guide to blogging tip is to do a lot of thinking before writing a blog post. Do a complete analysis so as to write posts which have a long term focus and fit into your long term strategy. Along with imparting freshness to your content, making it interesting, keep a vast majority of your posts aligned to your blogging goals.


The guide to blogging recommends the need to promote your posts. Only publishing the posts on a continuous basis will not be enough; you need to make your readers aware that your blog exists. For this some sort of promotional and advertising tactics are necessary to increase the visibility of your blog.

As per the guide to blogging, pay special attention to what you publish in your blog posts. Self promotion through your blogs should be kept to a minimum. Instead, publish content which the audience will find useful and meaningful and will want to share with others. This kind of word of mouth publicity will do wonders for the promotion and growth of your blog.

Last but not the least; guide to blogging emphasizes the need to monitor your thinking process so as not to get caught in day to day activities and lose track of your long term goals. But in this process, do not let your blog strategy become static because your readers are bound to evolve over time and thus your blog needs to be flexible enough to hold their interests and attention.

Hence, a guide to blogging is not just a guide, but an important means to reach out to millions of people, making them aware of your thoughts and ideas by simply penning down your views in a strategic manner. Following a guide to blogging religiously will not only promote your own.


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  1. Sanna
    7 years ago

    Hi Chad!
    I´m new to Tribe Pro as of today and is now looking around and trying to figure out how to get my first 10 points together so I can share as well!?

    I am from Sweden and by looking at you last name, you must be part – swede I would think??

    Thanks for your post, I´m realizing I really like the writing part of the internet. I am also a member of Empower Network. Best, Sanna

  2. Chad Nilsson
    6 years ago

    Let me know how I can help.. skype: chadnilsson.
    Were you able to post any content?

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