Getting Paid From Instant Payday Network Affiliate Offers

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Getting Paid From Instant Payday Network Affiliate Offers


Instant Payday Network


Start at step 1 and watch the video.


Getting paid from affiliate offers is how i have made $1000s….


You market a link and when people see it…and complete the offer of buy the product…I get paid.


This is one of my funnel systems into my main business.  Steps 1 and 2 are free and step 4 in my marketing system.


Waking up to $58 is nice and cool…it has happened twice this week….


I have not done any marketing for this product in 6 months…but I get leads everyday.  That is the best thing about marketing online…

Your content/videos stay out there for people to find.



Getting Paid From Instant Payday Network Affiliate Offers




So what is the Instant Payday Network Free System?

Instant Payday Network is a 100% completely free marketing system designed for those that want to start earning an income online without the risk of having to invest upfront money.

I’ve been in involved with online marketing for 5 years, and I hear this statement all the time:

the money tree


“Why do I always have to pay, to earn money on the internet?”

People who have an employee mindset ask this question frequently, because they don’t know the difference between a business opportunity and a JOB.

In order to run a business opportunity it takes one with an entrepreneurial mindset who understands that building businesses often come with investment of energy, time, and money.



Instant Payday Network – The Creator

The Instant Payday Network was created my master online marketer and fellow Empower Network Teammate Jeff Buchanan.

He wanted to develop a free system that would bring together the best of both worlds.


Because this would give his members the ability to build an online business without the normal upfront expenses.

Isn’t that Amazing!  I sure think it is!

In a nutshell, he (Jeff) gives every new Instant Payday Network Member the ability to work for various fortune 500 companies from the comfort of their own home.

How do I Make Money with the Instant Payday Network?  


First: Enroll as a member and complete the “free trials” in steps 1 and 2. (see below)

Instant Payday Network

Second: Refer others to complete the same free steps, and you get paid!


These companies understand that if they can get enough people to enroll in their trials, that many of them will continue the service with them. This is especially true if those companies provide quality products with stellar customer service.


Although not everyone will continue after their trials have ended, these fortune 500 companies are willing to pay YOU (the Instant Payday Network member) for your efforts of helping them get more customers.  It’s actually a more affordable advertising solution for them.


All You Have to do is Follow our Proven System to Drive Daily Traffic to those free trials, and you GET PAID! It’s Really as Simple as that!

Everyone can use some extra income….right?

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Getting Paid From Instant Payday Network Affiliate Offers

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