Get All In | Empower Network Master Mind Retreat

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Get All In | Empower Network Master Mind Retreat




And NOW Monetarily.

You see on the call they announced the roll out of the new product, The Masters Course that is going to retail for $3,500.

They announced this back in San Diego but I said to myself, “I bought it…without question…I did not think about it.”   I had to have it to move my business to the next phase.

Well instead of me recreating the scene….just watch the video below.

Get All In | Empower Network Master Mind Retreat

Trust this is not one you want to sleep on especially when you see me whip out the cash!!


So you see why I dropped $3,500.

Do you see why I was willing to fight to get over my fear?

Do you see why I had to RELEASE?

My fear of making $50K per month…I dream about it everyday…..I imagine my life having $50K if income come into my business….

That’s why I’m only looking to roll with those that are like me.

Movers, shakers, willing to do what it takes to GET ALL EN.

Now you may NOT have the money to get ALL EN now but after doing what I’m going to list below, IF YOU ARE SERIOUS I KNOW you can come up with the money in 3 days.

Trust me…

join empower network1

…I had to let go of what I THOUGHT was my cushion.

And now I am free.

So here’s the game plan to come up with the $5,125 which breaks down to:

  • $25 Blogging System (monthly) <—- you get residuals off this :)
  • $100 Inner Circle Audio (monthly) <— you get residuals off this :)
  • $500 Costa Rica Mastermind (one time)
  • $1,000 15K Formula (one time)
  • $3,500 Masters Retreat Course (one time, you earn $3k on this product)

See How I Have $3000 Days


How To Access Financial Resources You Don’t Have

1. Think like a rich person.

People who are rich think differently from those who are poor. Ask how CAN I afford it instead of saying I can’t afford it.

2. Envision the result you want in a clear way and repeat aloud the following.

I, (YOUR FULL NAME), am sitting in front of my computer, in the cool air conditioning at my desk and I just successfully processed my order for Empower Network’s Master Course. The date is October 4, at 8pm, and I just hit the submit button to send $5,125 (or whatever it if you are already in EN with me) to get ALL EN. Looking back over the last 3 days I laugh at how easy it was to come up with the money. This is how I did it.

And what this is doing my friend is you are seeing something that’s not there before it happens.

3. You have ONLY 3 days to come up with the money

If you don’t come up with it I won’t talk to you again until you do. This sounds harsh but trust yourself you’ll be able to do it.

4. Write a list of 50 ways you can come up with the money.

5. Imagine yourself in the future looking back in the past and ask what is the 1 thing on you list you did to come up with the money and DO THAT very thing to get it.

Make a decision that you are gonna do what it takes.

And that’s it.

On the call Dave Wood says when he does this to people, even those that are broke, have no money, in bankruptcy, etc….

….when they think HOW CAN they get the money….

…..they get it.

And so can you.

Here’s the deal. If you are seriously considering a change in your finances you’ve got to release what you are holding on too.

You  will not make a lot of money in Empower Network at the $25 level.

You won’t even make a lot upfront at the $100.

You make money in Empower Network my being ALL EN.

Just imagine getting at least 1 ALL EN person a month.

That’s $4,625…

…..for most people you have quit your job.

Do what it takes to Get All EN.

There’s no other make money online, network marketing, MLM, affiliate program, top tier program that’s out there that matches to Empower Network.


Because we have products at all different prices points.

And average people are making money with this thing.

And ALL you have to do here is focus on getting as many eyeballs to your capture page as possible and the system will take over from there.

That’s IT!!!

Well its 3:45am now, my body is tired, and I’m off to bed.

By the time you read this it’ll be later in the day.

I hope you see how serious I am and why I only want to work with serious FULLY committed people as well.

If that is you….

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