Get All In Club… | Invest In the Education Needed To Build An Online Business

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Get All In Club… | Invest In the Education Needed To Build An Online Business

I was on the phone with Rob today.  We were talking about different ways to market and generate leads.  We were thinking of ways to help out our team….

When i look up and I see the emails from Dave and Dave.

First came the 15K Formula

Then The Costa Rica

And The Inner Circle….

$1600 of new income…not including the residual business I have built…..


This came from one of my team mates who I had a strategy session with today….

Understanding why someone got into my our business is so important and giving them a plan to follow will give them a road map to follow and get busy…Taking Action everyday.

The products we have combined with the Marketing Machine…is a great match.

Being involved with our team and getting plugged in to everything we have will help the new person with support..

But you still need to do the work!


So Get Busy…..


Leave me a comment……


Go and see How i got Paid $174 on top of the $1600……


Action assignments:

  • Blog Daily
  • Make A Video
  • Email your list
1) listen to the recording of last nights monday empower hour (should be in backoffice right when you log in)

2) blog today – pick up the newspaper and find a keyword that is about 3-5 words long. need help? get the 15k formula to clean up your skills

3) get your butt on our team training and invite your list to it (facebook/youtube/aweber lists)


Here are some past posts to review

Call me with any questions.  651-330-8032

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