Family Vacation Update

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Family Vacation Update




We had a great time playing on the beach and hanging at the pool…

We went to Universal Studios for the first time…and I did something I never would have down before….I splurged on buying Front Of The line Passes.  It was a great decision..we got right on all the rides within 5 minutes rather than wait 90 minutes in the hot sun…

While we were on vacation I had another sale come in on auto pilot…


So I finished August with my BEST month ever in my past 9 years….

When i was first introduced to this business model…I said NO….

3 months later my friend called and said that he had has his 3rd $10K week…..I said I am in!


If you can do it…I can do it!

It was the best decision I have made in the past few years…It has really opened my eyes on how marketing the right way makes a big difference.  When you can get plugged into a system and you have people to help you…makes a big difference.



Family Vacation Update

We have a new website…go and see all the changes. NEW SITE.


I also added a Low Ticket Product line for all the people who do not have $2000+ for my top tier…


We all have $200…right?

Go See Here


I find the simpler you make marketing …the more money me and my team is making.


So when you dumb it down…all you are doing is advertising a phone number 651-237-9490


  • People listen to a 3 minute message and leave you a message…
  • You call them back and give them your website.
  • You schedule a follow up call….


When you do this “Law Of Average” enough times weekly…people will raise their hand for more information.

I made 5 new sales in August…5 people joined my team….people are looking….


This business has allowed my family to go away somewhere 8 weeks so far this year.  We have 3 more camping trips planned this year…hopefully the weather is good for us.


8 out of 10 people have been thinking about ways to make more money…This business works and it is very systematic…


You need to return calls from people who left you a message…but you do not chase people.


Marketing is the key to any business and when you do it right…you have customers.



Both businesses pay out 100% commissions…..


See the big ticket here


See the low ticket here



Family Vacation Update






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