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Family IQ

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Founded 10 years ago, Family IQ is a business opportunity which helps in building good family Founded relationships. In the initial years, Family IQ majorly catered to treatment programs as well as therapists by offering them family skill building tools to help them improve family relationships. However, the last decade has seen some significant changes. Instead of focusing only on therapeutic communities, Family IQ has opened its services to large employers and various wellness programs as well.

Family IQ

With a clientele of over 50,000 members, Family IQ has been the proud receiver of countless awards and recognitions. Founded by Mark Hobbins in the year 2001, Family IQ has acted as a helping hand for thousands of people, all throughout the world, to prevent their families from falling apart. The Family IQ program was created with an aim to build stronger and more fulfilling families in today’s times of social deterioration. For this, Mark firmly believed that parents and families need something extra, way beyond the basic family issues related articles available in the magazines and over the internet. Thus, he created Family IQ, with a special emphasis on the quality as well as the delivery of content to the customers.

Family IQ

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With an investment of close to 1.5 million dollars and with a rich database of around 200,000 tests and courses, Family IQ has successfully completed two decades of helping families and providing stability to them. Based on the principle of prevention rather than treatment, Family IQ has become a massive and first of its kind online resource, teaching parenting skills through interactive e-learning courses so as to strengthen the families.

And not only this, Family IQ even gives you an opportunity to earn while doing the good of others. Along with offering premium parenting programs, this model allows you to become your own business owner. Family IQ business helps you earn in four different ways. First, if the products are sold at retail price to non member customers, you can earn a profit of up to 50%. Second method is a bonus which you receive on all ongoing purchases, auto orders as well as retail sales volume. Third, on the sale of every new Family builder package, you receive a bonus of $1000. And fourth is a weekly bonus on the sale of every Family builder package.

Additionally, a certification program is also offered by Family IQ to help all those who are interested become a certified Family IQ coach, thus acting as a source of additional income. Also, the company is planning to expand its currently existing line of products and services so as to create additional streams of income for its members.

Thus, Family IQ has everything that anyone could be looking for. It is the perfect combination of making money while serving the society. So, if you are inclined towards the betterment of the people around you, Family IQ is the BEST business opportunity for you, which will help you earn not only money but also the best wishes of all those whom you are able to benefit.

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