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 Empower Network Review


Totally stole this from Rob Fore because I love the way it’s broken down =)

Does taking your income to the next level seem DAUNTING?

Reduce it down to the ridiculous.

For example, this morning I had a guy join one of the programs I promote which pays a $100 per month residual income. Your potential may be higher or lower, but let’s play with $100 PER MONTH per sale…

You want to be making $5,000 PER MONTH on or before Christmas of this year. That is only 10 months way.

* $5,000/100 = 50 sales
* 50 sales/10 months = 5 sales per month
* 5 sales/4.3 weeks = 1.16 sales per week

On average I’ve found I need 20-50 leads to get a sale. Let’s go on the high side and play with 50 leads per sale.

* 50 x 1.16 = 58 LEADS per week
* 58/7 = 8.2 LEADS per day

NOW does your income goal seem so DAUNTING?

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This is a really easy next step….

  • Join
  • Get to work
  • Do not stop

If other people are doing it (making money) you can to!

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