Empower Network Review – Why I Joined

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Empower Network Review – Why I Joined


When I joined  Empower Network Review, the company was 2.5 weeks old and had already paid out over $850,000 in commissions to around 7,000 representatives. This would otherwise be an unrealistic figure but because they pay 100% commission to their representatives, this is actually possible and has been happening for the past several weeks. I was involved with another affiliate like EN called Infinity 100 and Infinity Down line.  I did very well with these 2 and they are the reason the 100% commission plan is set up.

The company has been growing very rapidly because of the appeal of earning 100% commissions compared to the industry average of 30-50% commission. Empower Network started with 500 representatives on the first day and has been doubling its average new members per day over the past couple weeks. Initially they were averaging 100-150 new members per day but then climbed to around 300 and now are at about 500 new members per day. The momentum in the company is building and the traffic is going viral.

In the highly unlikely case that their growth rate does not continue to increase, they will have paid out over 16.8 million dollars in commissions in 12 months! How much of this pie do you want?  I want 200K.  Can you imagine how your life would change having 200K in your BANK? Empower Network can help!


What The Empower Network Alexa Score Means

The Empower Network Alexa score was already at #469 in the US after only 2.5 weeks. For those of you that are not familiar with Alexa scores, this means that they are the 469th most popular website in the United States. Looking into their Alexa score more closely, 55% of their traffic is coming from home based business leads and 21% of their traffic is coming from network marketing. What this means is that they are not appealing to just a specific niche of people in a certain company, i.e. it isn’t only people in just the health and wellness industry that appeals to them but that Empower Network is appealing to the masses. Spanning over the home based business and network marketing industry as a whole. The scary part is that it has only been 2.5 weeks.


Empower Network Review – Why I Joined

The score now is 288….makes you think about adding this to your business…doesn’t it?

Empower Network is now an authority site.

empower network alexa score

The advantage that this gives to it’s representatives is significant and almost unfair. The more traffic a website has, the better the authority and ability of the site to rank on Google. The higher your posts or articles rank on Google, the more traffic you get. Do you see the cycle they are caught in? Not only does this mean that they will rank higher in search engines to promote Empower Network but whatever other company or product they are promoting, will have a better chance of out ranking those that are not in Empower Network.

A popular website that is often used to rank articles and posts is Ezinearticles which started in November of 1999. Ezinearticles Alexa score is only #279. Comparing the two, Ezinearticles took approximately 12 years to become the 279th most popular site in the US while Empower Network has reached #479 in only 2.5 weeks. The scary part is where will it be not even in 12 years, but in 6 months and how will others who are not in Empower Network fair when trying to rank against it?

Who Is Joining Empower Network And Why?

This is going to surprise you. The people that are having success with Empower Network have not had success with most other affiliate programs that they have done in the past. In fact, the #1 income earner hadn’t made any significant amount of money in his other primary companies but made over $30,000 in his first week doing it part time. On the other hand they also have high powered 7 figure earners who have built significant downlines over their careers.

Do you know how to blog?  This why i joined…I love to blog…you are here reading this post.  It is also one of the best ways to be found online.

The technological no how and selling skill is taken out of the equation for you because everything is already set up for you and since you get 100% commission, it doesn’t matter who is on the video. That is the appeal to the previously struggling marketers, because the technology component is mostly taken out of it. I say mostly, because you still need to drive traffic and promote it so if you aren’t willing to do that then it isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you are willing and capable of promoting and driving traffic to the site or your primary method of marketing is SEO/Article marketing then Empower Network will soon be a requirement because of it’s building authority as seen in it’s Alexa Scores. The question becomes, not if but when, and how many commissions are you willing to let pass you by before you join the Empower Network?


empower Network website

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Empower Network Review – Why I Joined

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