Empower Network Products (Costa Rica Intensive) $500 Pass Up Sale

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Costa Rica Intensive $500 Pass Up Sale

$500 Pass Up Sale Empower Network

So how exactly are marketers able to receive 100% Commissions with Empower Network?
It all starts with $25…

Who would have thought today…I would get paid $500 with out doing anything….

I love this comp plan….it has huge leverage.

Costa Rica Intensive $500 Pass Up Sale

Pass Up Compensation Structure Broken Down for Empower Network.

Empower Network’s compensation model is not like many of the more commonly used plans in the industry. First, Empower Network has 5 products, and the compensation plan is separate for each – same plan, different cycles depending on where a person is in terms of sign ups. In short the comp plan works like this:

The 1st, 3rd, and 5th sale goes to the distributor (you)

The 2nd , 4th , 6th , and every 5th sale thereafter pass up to the distributor’s upline. (me)

This happens on every product level independent of one another. So although a distributor may have met the pass up requirements for the Basic Membership ($25), he or she still may need to complete one or all of the remaining (Inner Circle $100, Costa Rica Intensive $500, $15K Formula $1000, Masters Retreat $3500).


It’s a fairly simple compensation structure that provides the distributor with ample opportunity to generate serious income with ease, but also provides enough incentive in the form of a pass up for the upline to encourage and assist with marketing efforts.

Things to Note:

With regard to qualifying sales (pass ups) there are some important factors to keep in mind.

1. On any sale that is passed up, you also sacrifice their pass ups as well.

Ex: Jack passes up Jill on a $25 membership because she was his 2nd sale. Any $25 membership Jill makes will also pass up skipping Jack and going to the person above him. Yeah… kind of stinks, but the silver lining is that should Jill fall in a slot in $100, $500, $1000, or $3500 memberships that do not pass up, Jack will retain her qualifying sales (pass ups) on those memberships.

Can you imagine getting $3000 pass up to you for doing nothing?

Costa Rica Intensive $500 Pass Up Sale

2. Pass ups are only counted on direct referrals (personally sponsored reps). Should they not be met , the distributor will lose any pass up sales on that level until filled.

Ex: Jack needs to qualify on his 6th $100, however he has not personally sponsored anyone for that position. Should Jill refer and inner circle member who passes up, that money will go to Jack’s sponsor (upline) until he directly refers someone to that slot.

In spite of the above, do not be dismayed. The goal of the Empower Network is not only that you make massive amounts of income and learn to master the art of blogging daily, but also that you learn to become a skilled marketer by taking advantage of the plug and play system that is available. By following the simple three step system provided by Empower Network:

  1. blog daily
  2. share the system
  3. get paid

Every business needs a marketing system…Right.

empower netowrk products

It starts here for $25

I filled my car today with gas and it cost me $70….

When you pay the $25 to get started …it is a TAX Write Off

How many tax write offs do you have?   I have about $40000 every year….

This a great Plan B…

Do you have a plan B?

Not only do I get a tax break…but I get paid everyday and i work at home….

Do you know that I have driven less than 2500 miles in 10 months…

Pass up sales Rock…How many have you received?

Call me…everyone else does 651-330-8032

Join Here

 Empower Network Products (Costa Rica Intensive) $500 Pass Up Sale

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