Empower Network Growth Facts | Who Has Joined Empower Network

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Empower Network Growth Facts  | Who Has Joined Empower Network

Right now, Empower Network has had 97,106 people buy our blogging platform, and actually pay – since October 31st, 2011 – about 15 months (I may be adding wrong)

Right now, we are averaging bringing in 358 new customers of our blogging platform every day, 7 days a week. Today (Saturday, a day that is generally slower for new members) we have brought in 318 new customers, and there is still an hour and a half left until midnight EST.

Last month, averaging 358 new customers per day, we added in 10,034 total – which if we do every month, is 120,408 people in the next 11 months (counting last)

However, I believe that in the next 12 months, we will add in 500,000 customers of our blogging platform, and our site will be in the top 50 most trafficked sites online.

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Empower Network Growth Facts  | Who Has Joined Empower Network


Because some cool stuff is about to happen that nobody knows about but David Sharpe, myself, and a few people sworn to secrecy.

Because of SOME of those secret things, I believe that Empower Network will be adding in 1,000 new blogging customers per day within 30 days of our next event, in Chicago.

Because of some other of those secret things, I believe that we will be adding in 3,000 customers per day within 90 – 120 days of that.

And that’s still just starting, too.

This isn’t including my crazy ideas, and stuff our leaders have come up with that is still being thought out, but not acted on yet – this is from stuff that’s in development now.

Why should you believe me? You shouldn’t believe me, unless you took a look over the last year and a half of what I’ve said was going to happen, and then what actually did – the two are remarkably similar.


Well, I’m not a prophet, and can’t predict the future – I do believe, though, that what we believe an act on has a part of creating it.

If you’re thinking of getting in – maybe you should do that now.

Just sayin’

NOW is a better time than even launch month. I’ve heard crazy folks out there, who have said:

“I should have gotten in at the top”

And they said that before:

Chris Record got in.

…or Mack Zidan got in.

…or Vick Strizheus got in.

…or Arthur Tubman got in.

…or Nicole S. Cooper got in.

…or Tissa Godavitarne got in.

…or Lawrence Tam got focused.

…or Toby Black and Layla Black decided this was it, and this is all of it.

…or Eric Bechtold got in.

…or Jose Rivera got in.


…or Mike Filsaime got in.


…or Franco Gonzales decided this is his home.
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Empower Network Growth Facts  | Who Has Joined Empower Network
…they said that before Justin Verrengia had ever made even more than $5,000 in a month here, and last month he hit over $54,000. (see our income disclosure on our corporate site – in the footer of every page)

…they said that before Tony Rush hit $100,000 a month… and then started doing it every month (see disclaimer)

…they said that before Shaqir Hussyin got in.

…and this page could go on…and on… for pages.

Here’s the important part:

They’ll be saying:

“I should have gotten in at the top”

Years from now – when someone who just decided to join now, gets in, builds an army – and is standing in front of a room of 15,000 people – speaking, sharing their story of struggle and victory – to a room full of people who are ALREADY IN… their team.

Just join.

Do it.

Pull out your credit card, and start blogging now.

START blogging, the badass way, for only $25.

Get back to whoever introduced you (I know someone has)

And say:  Join Now Here

“Where’s your link, dammit?”

(you don’t have to say ‘dammit’ if you’re Mormon, you can say ‘darn-it’ instead.)

Welcome to the team.

get started today

I will email you our team training info….



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