Do You Have What it Takes To Build A Home Business

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Do You Have What it Takes To Build A Home Business

Let me tell you a lil bit about Thomas.
Thomas is a guy that joined back on
February 15th, 2013.
Saturday when he posted the pic you see
above on Facebook, he had just helped
his 4th person get started in Empower
and on the journey to change their
So in a 30 day time period he sponsored
4 people.
4 people!!!
AND he’s made his initial investment back. (This is NOT a guarantee
that it’ll happen for you).
how can i make money on
Because we pay 100% commission.
I’m so proud of what  he is doing. I can’t wait to see how
many more people he helps this month.
We are making things happen here with Empower.
We are literally giving people belief again.
Belief in themselves.
Belief in their dreams resurrecting.
Belief in being able to finally take care of their families
without having to depend on a job.
Just belief dang it.
Belief that there is an army of people that believe in them
and will pour in them till they can stand on their own.
  • That’s WHO WE ARE.
  • We Empower you to be a better you.
  •  This ain’t just about 100% commissions.
  • This ain’t about me just leaving my job.
And speaking of which.

Do You Have What it Takes To Build A Home Business

My good Friend Adrian Says…..
Do you know I’ve made more mo .ney in the 6 short months
since I left my job back in Sept 2012 than I had in the 11 months before?
How did that happen?
Why did it happen?
Lean close….
….real close.
It happened because I gave people hope.
I walked in faith, left my comfort zone, and inspired countless people.
My simple action helped others to know that it is possible.
This ain’t a game.
This is real.
My income….
….your income
……is only going to increase IF you can inspire others,
pour into them, and help them believe until they can stand on their
own two feet.
That’s what I do daily.
That’s what I do in my videos.
That’s what I do on Facebook.
That’s what I do when I blog.
That’s what I do when I send you these emails.
That’s what I do when I preach.
That’s what I do BECAUSE it is who I am.
I AM an inspiration to MILLIONS of people.
I AM a person that provides hope to the hopeless.
I AM a person that will pull you up from where you
are now and show you the right path to take.
But I can’t help you if you won’t reach up so I can
lift you up.
Thomas Stearns reached up….
….and I lifted him up.
And the results you see above are just the beginning
for him.
Will you be the next one I lift up?
If so reach out your hand here and get started immediately.
After you do that I’ll get in contact with you and show you the
next step.
This is real…

Do You Have What it Takes To Build A Home Business

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