Do You Have A Home Business Or A Hobby

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Do You Have A Home Business Or A Hobby

I had 3 calls today from people who found me online….just like you.

They all said the same thing…I have this business, but I wanted to call you and find out what you were doing.

yada yada yada…the same thing from all three people.




I asked them these three questions:


  • How many people did you sponsor last month? (o-1) for all three
  • How many people have you talked with this week about your product or opportunity? (0-1) for all three
  • Do you want to change that?

If you are in the same spot as these 3 people…go and walk in front of a mirror and ask your self “what have you done today to move your business forward”?


People can easily lie to someone else or their up line….but you can not lie to yourself .

How many people lie about their success?

When i first started my home business six years ago…I had a hard time staying on task…I was always chasing shinny objects….

Buying new products.

Buying new business opportunities…….

In fact…I still have a product I paid $2000 for and never opened……Ya crazy and dumb!!!!!

no hype mlm


In my first 2 years i spent over $18000 on SHIT….I was trying everything and doing nothing….but I had a business…NOT I was doing what most people do…..NOTHING

It wanted the lifestyle…I dreamed about it every night….I thought one day…

One day someone called me and said your are doing everything wrong…I said really?? I no…

That day changed my business and life.¬† I stopped wanting to do it and did it…slowly…but never stopped.

Call me…everyone else does¬† 651-330-8032


Log in and see one of the many ways I get paid.



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