Do You Have A Daily Marketing Plan

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Do You Have A Daily Marketing Plan


This is a great question..but really…? Do you?  I talk with people everyday and I always ask this question.  What is your daily marketing plan?  Most people (98%) have none.  they wonder around everyday thinking that they have a “home business”.

other ways to market

The questions to ask yourself:

  1. What marketing have you done today? Blogging, videos, called someone, articles, forum posting…. I mean anything!
  2. Who have you talked with this week about your products or company?  Did you know that over 70,000 people join some kind of business every week?
  3. How many people did you sponsor last month?


Do You Have A Daily Marketing Plan


Think about it…you are in business to “MAKE MONEY”…why not say it?




If you are not sponsoring or selling a product…you are making NO money.


We can be best friends..we can have a nice phone call…I can teach you different ways to market….BUT I really like doing these things, but I really want yo to join my team or buy one of my products.  There I said it.  This how I make money and pay my mortgage.


Here are 2 products I like and use everyday:


Empower Network – EN has 4 components that I love. – have a look


  1. Blogging – This is one of the best ways to get your content out to Google
  2. It have great training for the beginner or advanced marketer (some of the top marketers in the world use this blogging tool)
  3. You get paid 100% commission.  Builds residual income and has $250 and $500 products.  GPT (get paid today)
  4. Proven marketing training that are relevant in today’s market place.  If you learn it and apply it….you have results.


Rod Stinson – HBB Academy. – Have a look


  1. Proven direct response marketing
  2. It goes deeper than just blogging – road map every week and is done over 12 months.  You can never learn how to market effectively in 30 days.  It is like earning a collage degree…a ton of value.
  3. Higher commissions $300 now and will be going to $600 and then $900 on every sale.  Great affiliate product proven success.


Marketing is a universal problem…the only question is..ARE YOU DOING IT?


Do You Have A Daily Marketing Plan


people call meCall me 651-330-8032


Let’s lock arms together and get you marketing and making money….is there any other choice?

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