Direct Sales Job – Can You Make Money In Direct Sales?

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Direct Sales Job – Can You Make Money In Direct Sales?


This is a good question!  Some people make it and some people do not…The question is not can you make money it this profession…., but will you learn how?

Direct sales

Sales Process


I have been in Direct Sells for most of my life.  It started back when I was in grade 5…so I was 10.  My dad had a client who made foot long pop-cycles in every flavor.  My dad taught me about profit and loss.  I would buy them for 12.5 cents each and resell them for 25 cents (a quarter). So my mark up is 100%…right?

Direct Sales


I would fill up my cooler with ice and have 3 dozen pop-cycles (root-beer, cherry and lime) and I would drive my bike around the neighborhood.  I would go down to the park where there were sporting events and always sell out in a no time.  So I had a  direct sales job.

Fast forward a year or so…My school was only a few blocks from my house.  The school sold milk in little boxes for 25 cents also….I would go home for lunch and have 100 plus kinds follow me to buy a pop-cycle….instead of milk….the school (principle) did not like that very much…he said there was a littering problem….so I had to have a garbage can at the end of my driveway….AGAIN Direct Sales.  So back in the late 70s making $5-$15 everyday was very cool being only 11 years old.

Another Direct Sales Job

After graduation, I got a direct sales job selling vacuum cleaners door to door …. I did not like this much and made no money…..

I then got a direct selling job selling coupon books…for 2 for 1 dinners or 2 for 1 videos…you get the gig…Direct selling.  I did this house to house or businesses to business…….

I did this for 6 years…I opened up 10 different direct sales offices all across Canada and the US.

Again, Direct Selling

Then got into Corporate America in the cell phone craze in the mid 90’s.  Managed a sales team selling cell phones…direct selling.

Every thing is direct sales…we are buying things or selling things… the other day someone knocked at my door selling Girl Scout Cookies….again direct sales.


The biggest thing all these years have taught me IS…it is all a numbers game…the more people hear about your stuff…the more of a chance that someone will want more info and buy it…


Traffic is key!


Now the internet….if you think that you have a website and you are online…..maybe back in the early years…today it is all about SEO, Content, list building, blogging, videos, back-links..lots of stuff…again, direct sales.


So here is a list of a few of the products I market:


Lead Net Pro  – Everyone needs Leads…Right? This solves the biggest reason for failure in Home Business…you need leads!

Family IQ – Things that every family deals with…True products.  ($1000 Commissions and residual 9 levels)

Premier Wealth System (Pizza Box) Great online training products..BIG Commissions ($1497-$3500 average)

Bonvoyage 1000 We all travel…right? $1000 Commission with every cycle

I have taken 6 week long trips and 6, 4 day weekend camping trips this year.


FREE Program ZNZ Big Cash $80-$100 on every sign up.

Look here to see others

Everything is Direct Sales..

Call me to help you make some money…how much is up to you!!  But even $500 would be nice….

Let me you help – 651-330-8032

skype: chadnilsson


Leave me a comment … let me know what you think.

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