Cyber Monday Special

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Cyber Monday Special

I heard that today is the biggest online shopping day of the year.

Even bigger than Black Friday!

Do You Need Leads – 60 leads daily


I had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Spent time with family and eat to much food……


We went bowling on Friday.

We went to the new The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – great movie…

We bought a puppy for my daughter for Christmas.  She named it Island.



My daughter was so surprised that we were getting a dog..she almost cried in the store when she found out……we got it on video here


Cyber Monday Specials…  I have a new product that gives you 60 targeted leads everyday to build your online business.  Using technology is crazy….leveraging the internet and having a global business is huge….

Think about it…You are reading this blog post from somewhere in the world….All because you are looking for Cyber Monday Specials.


Every business needs leads……Video here.


Do you blog or Just Use Social Media? 

You should…its become so easy to share your passions and your experiences with the world around you using keywords that people search for on the internet.

Reason’s why blogging is better than social media.

Let’s say that you follow me on Twitter and connect with me on Facebook, and you remember that a while back, I shared a link to which podcasting equipment I recommend people buy—and you want to start a podcast for your readers.

Go ahead try searching for what I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago.

You can’t ….but with a blog you can find this information all because of a keyword.


I am on the first page of Google ….#3 for “Push Button Software”  out of 33 million pages.


push button software


I did this post 6 days ago…..


Blogging works well to get as much online real estate as possible.


Simple and easy to use…..and it works.


See Proof Here

Cyber Monday Special


Call me after you watch the video.


Chad 651-330-8032


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