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Content Marketing By Blogging | Lead Generation

People ask me all the time about blogging…

How does someone find my blog?  The answer is….it is all about your subject line and the keywords in your subject.

Every new blog post becomes a new website/page… and it is all based on the subject your are writing about.   Your content.

So, it is important to write about subjects/news that people are looking for…..Right?

The internet is all about search.  You are looking for something online and a web page pops up and as you scan the first page…you click on a title…some website.

Over on the right side of the page are all paid ads.  People are paying for clicks based on a search term/keyword

fire your boss


If you wanted to fire your boss…this banner ad might be something you would click on it.

I saw somewhere that 43% of people hate their job..or hate their boss.  This is a high number.

When people see something like “Fire Your Boss”  If they were made at their job or hate there boss they would want to get more info on that subject .

Or if they saw a video on How you fired their boss on YouTube…they might laugh and want to do the same thing.

People are looking for ways to make some money.  Maybe they want to make extra money for Christmas.  What ever the reason is….they want more money.

Content Marketing

Your only job is to find ways to get your content online….

You can do it in many ways:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Social Media
  • Facebook, Twitter
  • Article sites
  • Directories
  • Email marketing
  • Paid advertising

It does not matter how.only that you get it out there.

The more people see your stuff, the higher of a chance that people will like what they see/read and want to buy/join.

That is content marketing or marketing in general.

To learn how I fired my Boss click below.

Chad  651-330-8032


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