Connecting With People Locally To Network And Make More Money

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Connecting With People Locally To Network And Make More Money

Today I had lunch with Adrian Baines….So who is Arian…

Adrian called me last month because he is involved with Empower Network and wanted to meet some people locally…So he called….He took action….

We both were busy on vacations and could not met until today….

Network And Make More Money

We had lunch and passed ideas back and forth for 2 hours…Great guy.


His story is kink of crazy…his wife has an E-bay business and sells things everyday on E-bay.

Adrian is a SEO professional and serves local business…it is all about traffic…Traffic is King and with out it…you are dead.

mlm failure

Empower Network is a great fit…you drive traffic by blogging…you generate some leads and make some sales.

The question is…what do you blog about???

Traffic is KING,,,,,so how do you drive traffic.  If it is so easy…why isn’t everyone doing it?

Great question! the answer is only 2% of people know how to do it properly and only .50% will do it consistently.

Have you done anything for 30 days?

How about 60 days…If you have, you have seen results.  Everything in life is the same thing.

  • Lose weight
  • Marketing
  • School
  • Build any business

Everything takes time and must be done everyday….if you stop for even one day…START OVER.

It has been proven with every industry?

Again…have you done anything for more than 30 days???

I have no idea why people try to reinvent the wheel…don’t get me wrong…I love to use technology to help with marketing and I believe in outsourcing all the busy work. The basics comes down to marketing everyday…working your plan…build your business.

Everything takes work…So Are You Ready To Get Busy?

Connecting With People Locally

I think Adrian is ready to get busy!   The look he had in his eyes…got me motivated!!!

I told him we have 10 ++ blog topics of videos to do based from our meeting…I am pumped!


Question…What Do You Use To Back Up Your Computer??  We all have computers…right?

Here is my solution


Call me…everyone else does…..I had 2 calls while doing this short blog post..


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