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Cheap Franchise | Internet Franchise

Do you have $100,000+ sitting in the bank?


Is that really what cheap franchises are looking for these days?


I’ve been interested for a while in starting a business, but every time I research a company they usually require crazy stuff like $100,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of $300,000-$1million.

I understand why this is required, especially in a transitional economy, but who can satisfy these requirements?

That’s a great question, and it’s one entrepreneurs have been struggling with for a long time.

In fact, even when you find an opportunity to buy cheap franchises, getting one off the ground is a whole new challenge.

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Cheap Franchise | Internet Franchise

$15K per month formula



Is a Cheap Franchise Right For You?



So is a cheap franchise right for you? It is hard to say.  It takes time to actually figure that out. Not all franchises are the same. Operating an AAMCO Transmission franchise is very different than operating a computer franchise or a internet franchise.  All require completely different financial requirements, employees, real estate, inventory and marketing and management.  The owners are completely different types of people with different goals and skills.

When you really look at a cheap franchise…you are buying a system.  All franchises follow a proven system.  One of the most important traits to determine about buying a cheap franchise is – can you follow a system and follow rules?

Systems have a proven method of operation.  You can ad your own ideas, but in the end you are buying a system to be followed. All cheap franchises, online franchises and low cost franchises all have a proven method of operation.  Systems work….when they are followed.

Even a cheap franchise will need additional skills beyond reading the operations manual.  The skill will depend on the franchise.  The onwer of a Molly Maids franchise will need solid sales and customer service skills.  The owner will need to develop relationships with customers so the customers will trust the franchisee and allow them to clean their home..

A subway franchisee needs to manage perishable inventory and manage employees.  The hours for a Subway are massive and you need to cover all shifts.

You would be surprised how many people start looking for a Subway franchise because of the name….They are not aware of other businesses existed and have a more manageable schedule…like not being home for dinner of need to be open at 7am on a Saturday morning…



Here’s what you can expect as the owner of traditional cheap franchises:

** long hours
** low pay
** high turnover
** no ‘personal latitude’ – you MUST follow the corporate guidelines
** longterm contracts
** no time freedom
** high overhead


Is this really the ‘dream’ of running your own business?


Let’s look at why you are even thinking about buying a Low Cost franchise…..

  • You are tired of working for someone else
  • You are tired of someone telling you when you can or can not get time off
  • You want to be the boss
  • You want to make more money
  • You want more time/freedom


the franchise game


Why Entrepreneurs are Flocking Online

For Alternatives to Cheap Franchises


Have you looked at the Internet as an Option for a Online Franchise?

All you need is a computer and a internet connection and you are in business.  You do not need inventory, real estate or even employees.  You never need to cover shifts for when you employees do not show up and you control your own schedule.



Have you ever made more than $100K in a year?  Most people only dream about making this kind of money…

Leveraging the internet and following proven marketing… can build a huge income online.


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 Cheap Franchise | Internet Franchise

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