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My name is Chad Nilsson and I live in Minneapolis, MN.

I worked in corporate America for 17 years always wearing a shirt and tie. Two and a half years ago I started my own home business. All the training were done over the internet and everything was very expensive. Although I was considered one of the top people, my expenses were too high. There was no personal attention and you had to learn everything yourself and we all know how hard that is…..

The whole reason for me to want a home business is I was tired of wearing a shirt and tie and attending useless meetings. I wanted to work from home so I had more freedom over my schedule and control over my finances.

My goals are to build a large business where I get paid over and over again. (Residual income) Just like the companies that I worked for in the past. As well as help others create secondary income. Helping people make an extra $1000 every month can change someone’s situation.

In the past, one of my biggest challenges was to find good team players to learn from. There is way too much hype and not enough help in the home business industry. If you have been searching for something you know what I mean…..

The Fargo Team has helped and supported me daily. From answering questions to walking me step by step on anything I am trying to accomplish.

The Fargo Team has daily training calls that support me and my teammates all over the world. They are always recorded so It does not matter your time zone or your availibility. They are short and cover great topics.

Having people who are industry experts who I can call on every day is priceless…I would have to pay thousands of dollars monthly for this kind of support and now I get more attention daily and I pay nothing for it.

Over the past 60 days my business has grown 635% I would never have had this kind of success, this fast with any other team. Working with Shawn Gray, Jason Jordon, Ericka Wilcox and Cait Stanley has accelerated my income and growth of my team dramatically. The Fargo Team is on the fast track and everyone is included in all the internet marketing and no one has to pay anything…

Thanks again for all the support that you give me and my team. We are so lucky!

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