Can I Make Money With Empower Network

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Can I Make Money With Empower Network

I think this is a really dumb question…..

You can make money with any business…it is all about how hard do you want to work…


I got paid $6000 yesterday…did I work harder than any other day….NO…did I do any special blogging…No.

I had 2 people who saw value in the products and they got them…

These 2 people are willing to invest in themselves to learn how to market and drive traffic….Plus they want to make big commissions….You can not get paid on products you do not own.

costa rica intensive training

$500 one time payment and you get paid 100% of the $500 on every qualifying sale….Start to think about $500 days…


15K formula

$1000 one time payment…and you get paid $1000 on every qualifying sale.

Start thinking about having $1000 days….

That is what made me think about what is possible ….when I got the email saying I had a $1000 sale today…while I was on the river….it made me think about building this business.

You Need 3 Things To Make Money online.

  1. Traffic and Leads
  2. Conversion into Sales
  3. Follow up, Monetize you Leads

Let’s talk about this first…How do people find your stuff?   Traffic……Traffic Is King.

Google loves new content…every blog post becomes a new web URL based on the subject line..(Keywords)…  The more content…the more people find your stuff…the more people see your sales page…the more money you make…..

The Most Coveted Secrets From the Highest Paid Marketers In The Industry Are ….NOW YOURS!


 Video Here…Try not to smile


Chad 651-330-8032…yes, this is real..

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