California Vacation Getting Paid While On the Beach

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California Vacation Getting Paid While On the Beach


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I wanted to share my vacation with the world….I want to show you what it is like to work from home using the internet to make money.

I dreamed about making money online for years before I ever did…

I knew it was possible…because I saw so much proof online….that average people were having success….I need to learn how and follow their example.


I use a Viral Blogging System to get found online….I blog daily on different keywords.  I learned how to market using a simple blog to get paid THOUSANDS of dollars on auto pilot.


In my video above I show you how i got paid $25 from marketing I did 6 months ago….and that happens all the time.  I get emails saying “You Got Paid”

Getting paid $25 – $100 daily adds up….it is not life changing money…or is it?

instant payday network startInstant payday network is a great funnel system that i use for my main business…Getting cash everyday give you more cash flow.  All you want is MONEY…right?  You do not care where it comes from.

Great system yo use….but let’s get back to my vacation.

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California Vacation Getting Paid While On the Beach

internet marketing


There is a new Viral Marketing System launching this month….Are you ready for it?


viral blogging system

Every business…Every Website needs a marketing system to drive traffic.

If you have a website , what do you do to get found by your customers?

Most people/businesses do not understand this concept.


ENV2 – Viral Blogging System

The Viral Blogging System comes fully hosted, coded and designed for only $25 per month and is stocked and loaded with all these features:

– Instant setup of your own “Viral Blog”

– Multiple Themes

– SEO tools

– Drag and Drop Technology

– Advanced “Viral Commenting” System

– Built in “Viral Sharing Muscle”

The new ENV2 System is designed by marketers to help increase sales and boost your bottom line regardless of the business or industry you are in Nilsson says. We all need traffic and having a Viral Blog is a solution to many problems when you are marketing online.

The ENV2  has a slick looking design, is fully customizable to meet the individual’s needs, and is set up to be optimized for your online marketing, if you buy it with the intention to use it for that purpose. Many people use it for personal use, or to market other businesses because it is much quicker, easier and ultimately more affordable than getting a self-hosted blog set up (when you consider everything it takes to set-up and host a blog, such as: monthly hosting fees, design costs, programming costs, and any additional services your outsource such as SEO and anything customized).


This product soles a big problem in marketing your business….

Imagine customers buying this product from you…..paying you $25 every month.  What would happen if 1000 business all over the world bought this product from YOU….$25000 in monthly income…

How would you feel?


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California Vacation Getting Paid While On the Beach


Making money online…is easy….getting paid while on vacation is crazy for most people to really understand.


Income disclosure    You could make 10X what i made in this video….or you could make nothing….everything good takes work…and if you do not do anything…you never make any money.

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