BonVoyage1000 Records fall around the world

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BonVoyage1000 What an Amazing Month So Far!



Congratulations BonVoyage1000


     You would not believe the month the company is having in November. Personal cycling records are being shattered around the world.  


     So far this month we have had tons of people set personal records for the number of times they have cycled in a single month, and it is only the eleventh of the month.

 Travel With BonVoyage1000


Get Paid $1000

     We now have a new global record for cycles in a single day.  In Egypt which is exploding with new Bonvoyage1000 members every day, we had an individual cycle 13 times in a 24 hour period.


      That is a new Global record for the company to date.  The battle for the $10,000 dollar first prize is turning out to be a real incentive for thousands of people who are set on winning this top prize in November.  Remember the $10,000 dollar reward is given to the top recruiter, not the top cycler!  The Race Is On!


       We have $1,500 dollars, an iPad2 3g or Travel dollars being awarded to the next top 15 recruiters; the names on this list seem to change every day.  If you don’t think you are in the running for the $10,000  make sure your name at least ends up on this list by the end of the month.


          Also this month every two people you recruit gets your name put in the drawing for the 2012 Mercedes Benz and $100 bonus gets put in your pocket when you cycle 2 times.  This month cycle just 3 times instead of 4 to receive the leadership bonus you qualify for from $200 to $10,000  in cash!


           This Saturday I will be explaining in detail the strongest closes used in Bonvoyage1000. Come to this training to get these scripts so you can memorize them. Learn the words to close your deals in 15 minutes or less. 
            We will also be covering 25 different locations, strategies and proven techniques for locating buyers. This is a can’t miss training session for you and all of your downline.  A major part of our business is knowing where to find clients.
We will cover how to begin a conversation, how to pitch BV1000 and set up the closing sequence correctly.
Please join this in depth training to get the essential ingredients of what it truly takes for success in Bonvoyage1000!

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