BonVoyage 1000 Review

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BonVoyage 1000 Review

BonVoyage 1000, Bonvoyage1000


After doing this BonVoyage 1000 review, it was easy for me to see what all the buzz was that was surrounding this company. Discount travel clubs are not new to the internet, but what impressed me was the compensation plan. I like compensation plans that are designed for the success of the new marketers and this one does just that. After seeing the income potential, I along with some marketing friends of mine have joined BonVoyage 1000 and are building this as a team.

For the amazingly low lifetime membership fee of $350, BonVoyage 1000 you will receive luxury travel discounts year after year. You can expect to pay $3,000 to $5,000 for similar benefits from other companies. You will enjoy discounts on accomodations, flights, and cruises.

Each Cycle Pays $1000

BonVoyage 1000 Pays

BonVoyage 1000 has an even more compelling reason to join this opportunity then just their travel discounts. I like compensation plans that empower the inexperienced marketer to experience success and BonVoyage 1000 certainly does that. What is exploding peoples incomes is their 2×2 revolving matrix. All you are required to do is sponsor 2 to qualify to earn $1000 cash. Once you are qualified by sponsoring only 2 people, you will start receiving spillover help to fill your matrix with 4 more people. Unlike a lot of opportunities, your family and friends may thank you for telling them about this one.

Lets talk about the BonVoyage 1000 compensation plan. It only requires 6 people to fill your matrix, allowing you to cycle and earn a $1000 cash. Another matrix is then started for you and the same people follow you to cycle again, each being able to earn $1000 over and over again.


BonVoyage 1000 Pays $1000 On Every Cycle

The BonVoyage 1000 2×2 revolving matrix allows you to maximize your earning potential in a very short period of time. My team members just starting joining less then a week ago and 3 of them have cycled already, each earning $1000. I invite you to contact me and discover how our team effort can benefit you, when you decide to join us. This is truly a win-win situation. You will be a part of our team receive the benefits our team marketing efforts, without being bound by our rules. You will be able to promote your own links, as well as benefit from our marketing.

My BonVoyage 1000 review conclusion is to tell you how important it is to join any opportunity with the right sponsor or the right team. It helps tremendously to have others committed to your success. My team mates and I have joined this opportunity a few short weeks and already 2 of us have cycled and earned $1000 cash each.  We are planning on helping all our team mates cycle weekly….Would this help your BUSINESS??  BonVoyage 1000 is mostly in other countries so the US is wide open.

Take advantage of the BonVoyage 1000 opportunity NOW. Our members are committed to the success of our team and look forward to working with you. Contact me for more information.

I have been involved with many 2X2’s before…BonVoyage 1000 is the real deal and I love making $1000….I bet you would to..

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