BodHD Products

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BodHD Products

BodHD is a health and nutrition company which has brought about a revolution in the industry and equally revolutionary are the BodHD Products. The company is located in Southern California, producing BodHD products which will provide your body with a high definition experience.


The company produces a range of BodHD products, catering to a wide variety of needs. Whether you want to shed those extra calories, wish to make your hair and skin look as radiant as you feel from inside or wish to get rid of that annoying hangover, you have BodHD products for everything.

Out of all the BodHD products, the one catering the issue of weight loss is SUPERFX. It helps you shed weight faster than any other product available in the market and prevents it from coming back. It uses a combination of enzymes, whole foods, pro biotics, super slimming, anti aging nutritional benefits, vitamins, antioxidants and various minerals so that you can achieve your dream body without any extreme dieting. This weight loss system consists of four different products namely FUSION, FIX, BLD and DAILY. FUSION is a nutritional shake with low glycemic value, which being rich in protein and fiber acts as a meal replacement. FIX is a thermogenic blend which helps in burning calories and boosting energy. BLD is digestive yoghurt which helps in detoxifying the body and helps digestion. DAILY is a vegetarian blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

BodHD Products

Another one of the BodHD products is an excellent product named P3. It is a premiere recovery product which is beneficial for all those involved in physical activity, on travel, sleep deprived, and experiencing inflammation or body stress. P3 promotes improved resistance to physical stress like deadlines, hangovers, workouts, etc, rapid recovery of tissues and muscles and an enhancement of athletic endurance. It makes use of the extract of the natural prickly pear which is known to accelerate the natural heat shock protein response of the body. Out of all the BodHD products, P3 is the only one which supports effective recovery.

In case you wish to have those radiant nails, hair and skin, you can now make it possible through BodHD products. RADIANT is a natural, age defying product which has been formulated in a manner so as to promote skin radiance, fuller and longer lashes, nails which are less brittle and luminous hair. This product is made up of vitamins and minerals, collagen, evening primrose and antioxidants. It works from inside the body, replenishing it with all the essential nutrients. Once you start using this product, you will be amazed to see a different you.

BodHD Products

You can choose the entire range of BodHD products or choose the ones which you wish to use, in accordance to your needs and preferences. Each one of you is unique and special, so why not treat yourself the same way by experiencing the goodness of BodHD products. So, without wasting any more time go ahead and place your order so as to experience a New You.


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