Blue Bird Bids Leads

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Blue Bird Bids Leads

Blue Bird Bids Leads is a penny auction site giving customers the oppurinity to bid on merchadise giving them huge savings if they win the bid & it is also a great way for people to make extra income.

Blue Bird Bids International Inc.’s,  goal is to become not only a household name of being the number one penny auction site in the world, but the world’s largest and most successful e-Commerce business and site.  Its end vision which is to help millions worldwide that are homeless, ill and or just in need.

Blue Bird Bids Leads

Blue Bird Bids have three major products:

Blue Bird Bids Offer

  • Auction Bids are used to bid on your desired items, giving one a chance to win his item & pay the cost of that item for just pennies.
  • Auction Products offers one a enjoy the best of all worlds & at prices that are out of this world on Blue Bird Bid‘s website.  If one gets the winning bid at the end of an auction, then one gets to enjoy prices of up to 90% off or more & it also give one the benefit from the buy it now option & purchase for up to 20% off retail or more.
  • Travel Products are offered courtesy of Hi 5 Travel Club to all of Blue Bird Bids 2.0 members at a reduced price.

 Blue Bird Bids Leads

Becoming a Big Bird Bids affiliate is very easy.  One will merely have to choose from among the Big Bird Bids packages is right for him.  Each Big Bird Bids package includes a discounted amount of prepaid monthly bids that an affiliate will use to grow his business & to bid on valuable items that are up for auction.

Blue Bird Bids Leads

Blue Bird Bids Packages could range from $99.00 to $299.00 per month. Blue Bird Bids does not require for for everyone to be an affiliate to bid to win great auctions. However, a Blue Bird Bids affiliates would earn a 20% commission for every retail customer he enrolls for free & that customer purchases a Blue Bird Bid package.

The promise of Blue Bird Bid for financial success will be greatly dependent on an affiliate’s network & how his network will play their individual roles to determine his level of financial succees in Big Bird Bid network.

Blue Bird Bids Leads

Realizing the vital role that ones network will play to be successful with with Blue Bird Bids, one is now faced with the challenge of building a wide network that will give him the fulfillment Big Bird Bids‘ promise of a financial reward.

After exhausting ones network on his social networking sites, attending parties to meet new people, joining social clubs to meet new prospects, gate-crashing in parties & attending all of the all the church services the whole of Sunday, what other options are left for one to explore.

The best & most cost efficient option to get a sure network will be online through an effective platform.

For  the Best Option for a Broader Network Click HERE.


Blue Bird Bids Leads

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