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Blogging Platforms

If you are a first time blogger, planning to create your own blog, the first question which will hit your mind is that which Blogging Platforms you should choose. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that blogging has now become one of the most effective ways to spread knowledge. Hence, you require equally effective Blogging Platforms to get your idea out there.

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Till now, print media was considered to be one of the best means to target a large audience. But it simply lacked the volume as well as reach, which has been attained by the modern day Blogging Platforms. Blogging Platforms have become the least expensive yet most effective media to promote your ideas to a potential audience, not just in every country, but every city and street as well. You will come across a wide variety of Blogging Platforms, some are effective and some are not; the whole idea is to choose the kind of platform which suits your needs the best.

One of the most popular as well as free services provided by Google is Blogger. It is easy to use with an instant setup option. You can have your blog ready and your first post published within no time. Blogger has many supporting features like dynamic updating, geo tagging, easy publication from editing tools, drag and drop template editing and so on. If you are a Twitter fan, you can combine your Twitter feed like experience and a full-fledged blog through Tumblr. It is known for its micro blogging style, focusing on short and frequent posts. This style of blogging appeals to a lot of people without having to commit oneself to a full-fledged blog. Tumblr is surely a winning combination with an ease of setup along with an informal approach.

Blogging Platforms

Some of the other widely used Blogging Platforms are WordPress, SquareSpace and Posterous. WordPress is one of its kinds, open source Blogging Platform which gives the user an option to set up a blog on one’s own server. It comes with a wide variety of themes, plug-ins and gadgets. Among the commercial Blogging Platforms, SquareSpace is the most successful, based almost entirely on volume. All the users, whether small or big, have the same user experience. The strongest point of SquareSpace is in terms of providing a good blogging design for the designing newbies. But if you are a no-fuss person and zero stress blogging experience, then Posterous is the right Blogging Platform for you. It does not require you to sign up, to know any codes, or anything else. You are just required to send a simple mail through your email account and Posterous will create a blog in your name.

So, depending upon your needs and preferences, you can choose any one out of the various Blogging Platforms available within the blogging space. If you wish to reach your target audience with some valuable content, make it more compelling as well as effective by publishing it through the right Blogging Platform. This is because nothing makes communication more effective than having the most suitable medium.

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Blogging Platforms

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Blogging Platforms

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