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BlockBuzz is an advertising company that sells “virtual ad space” to any business or individual .  It is the best option for a business or an individual engaged in network marketing opportunity.  It allows your product into new markets on a limited advertising budget.

One does not really need to be engaged in a business or have a product which he wants to market to use BlockBuzz, because it can give you a wide range of services that you can become affiliates with for free & opt to advertise their products.

This company aims to build a large online directory of businesses from around the world & they intend to accomplish this by giving their members incentives to help them build the directory.


One can get paid for selling internet advertising that will generate e-commerce transactions for advertisers through a business model that they have created. A great number of the top network marketers in the world have already joined this company & are planning to use their services to market all their business opportunities.

There is no set up fee needed for one to join BlockBuzz. One will only need to buy a minimun of 15 ad blocks & a custom logo will even be created for you at no cost.

This company’s business model was inspired by a young kid from England who made $1,000,000 for selling ads in less than three months, which made the success story land in The Wall Street Journal.

BlockBuzz is the most unique opportunity one will find online. It has combined the powerful world of Internet Advertising with Bulletin Board “Pinning” & Social Sharing that will instantly provide a great start for any business.

Whereas advertising is viewed as a mere business expense in the past, one gets the chance to even to recover the cost of advertising & even make money out of it, aside from just merely generating more sales resulting from advertising.

This very innovative advertising model has completely changed the whole concept of advertising from just a mere part of the cost of sales for products & services to that of a possible source of added & even bigger income, while increasing ones sales.


This is the the best advertising option for any business or individual as it will not only assure one of the maintaining the lowest advertising budget but it gives one the chance to be with the top marketers in the world, a wide range of services that one can get affiliates with & to make more money aside from increasing the sales of your product or service.

The best result one gets out of being part of this company is the chance to be a part of its large online directory of businesses from around the world, which will give one a worldwide mileage that no other advertising option can & at the lowest budget possible.


BlockBuzz gives you a chance to make that first $1M dollar in your life.

Make your first $1M with BlockBuzz.


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