Big/High Ticket Sales | How To Get Paid $100K Online

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Big/High Ticket Sales


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A few night’s ago, Empower Newtork Leader Aaron Rashkin was interviewed by Empower Network Co-Founder David Wood in front of thousands of people, about how to multiply your income by 3-5X…

Without doing any more work, putting in no more effort, or spending any more time than you would already be, building your own home based business.


This Hangout Video has some Powerful Gold Nuggets that anyone who operates an online business should absolutely want to know.

The truth is just as easy to sell a product and make $20 as it is to make a sale and get paid $1000.


Usually someone who buys a product for $50 has so many questions….and really are unsure if they can use it correctly or make money with it…or what ever….People who buy a $1000 product to $5000 product have a different mindset.  They understand that to make big money you need to invest and learn how to make big money…


I made more money last year while on vacation than in any years prior….yes, while on vacation.


maui snorkel activityI got paid $4600 while in Maui in May….


Watch the video above to see the bigger picture


Big/High Ticket Sales | How To Get Paid $100K Online


  • When you have the right marketing system
  • When you have the right traffic
  • When you have the right sales funnel
  • When you have the right message

People will buy your products without talking to you.  You will make sales on autopilot without picking up the phone.


And it the same thing as selling a $20 product….it is the same process.


People are looking for answers to solve their financial problems….people are looking for help.



get started today




Here is a email i got yesterday….


PBE $200 One Time Alert


Hello Chad,

You Need Leads…Right?  Click Here

You have received a Powerline payment amount of $200, for PBE $200 One Time,

from hometrafficpro, paid from account: xxxxxxxxxx  through Paypal.


I never called this person, they saw my blog post, saw a video, or got an email and liked what they saw and i got paid….


No phone calls

No home parties

No convincing


Nothing and they bought a product…because it solves a problem.


When you have products that solve problems…you have sales.


So here are some numbers to think about:


If you sell a $25 product you need 40 sales to make $1000…right?


If you sell a $1000 product you only need 1….right?


So is you advertise your product to cost of acquiring a sale on a $25 is very low to make it profitable, but on a higher ticket product you can risk a higher amount because of the profit…..are you seeing the bigger picture?


it is the same process, but takes 4000% less work on getting that sale.


If you have a good up sale process on other products it even gets better….now it still takes work….you still need to get the marketing out online.


I never did any paid traffic until I understood the numbers….now i do both.


Big Ticket Sales Rocks!


affiliate marketing mapget started today





Now here is an income disclosure….


You might make nothing…0 because you will not do the work that it takes.  or you might make a lot????  I have no idea and i can not guarantee any income…

Just because I make money does not say that you will.  Any business takes work.

Are you ready?


Big/High Ticket Sales | How To Get Paid $100K Online

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