Big Ticket Products Give You Big Commission

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Big Ticket Products Give You Big Commission


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If you start a business…you you want to spend your day trying to make $20 per sale or do you want to spend your day getting $1000 paydays?


I know dumb questions….but really think about it…


If you join some MLM company…how much do you get paid when someone buys products on a auto ship?


Have you sat down and ran the numbers?   How many people do you need to have on your team to get paid $2000 monthly?


Most people have no clue…….


If you asked me…I need 22 people to get paid $2000….every month…..this is residual income….


When someone buys a $500 product….I get 100% of the $500…when someone buys a $1000 product…I get 100% of the $1000.

When i get paid $3000 on a product…that is nice cash flow in my business…..get 12 sales of $3000 every year……makes $100K really easy to hit….


Have you every made $100K in one year?



Big questions….most have not…most only think about it..and only a few make it happen.


When you invest into a big ticket product…you get high value.


If you follow the training…and use the system…just like buying a franchise…you have higher success….


$1000 daily pay

Big Ticket Products Give You Big Commission



High Ticket Academy



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