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Big Commissions | Empower Network

HONESTY TIME: A lot of people in Empower Network talk about the really big incomes….and the ARE amazing….

But can I share something with you that FIRES ME UP?

Picture that someone gets started at just the $25 Basic level….and the $100 Inner Circle level.

That’s about what most people pay to get into some type of auto-ship MLM…
Well, look what happens if they follow our training and just go get 10 customers…

That’s $250 they earn in Basic Commissions.
And 5 of those 10 customers will also upgrade to the Inner Circle. That’s an additional $500 in commissions.

$750. With only 10 customers. And it’s not just a one-time payment. It’s a residual commission that comes in every…single…month.

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That’s bad-ass.

Think about what the average family can do if they had a sudden $750 raise.

That’s probably going to pay their car payment. Or, for some people, it’ll pay their rent. It’ll certainly pay for all the groceries with cash left over.

Imagine that. Just TEN customers and they’ve completely eliminated their car payment, their rent or their grocery bill.

Who wouldn’t do that? Who wouldn’t do whatever it takes to go get 10 customers. Some people do that in a week.

It’s a $9,000 per year raise. For just ten customers.

And that doesn’t even count the larger commissions that can be earned on other products

Guys….that changes lives.

With a team of only 10 people.

Imagine if you had 20 people on your team. Or 100. Or 1,000.

No wonder people are excited. They’re getting their lives back and they’re not having to have an army of customers to do it….

Now with the Master Course…$3000 Commissions……

Are you starting to see the big picture?


Call me 651-330-8032…everyone else does

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