Bad Economy – What are You Going To Do About It?

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In my business I talk with 50 or so people everyday.  Most of them are in the US or Canada.  A few are in other countries like UK, Greece, Australia, South America.  I use Skype to communicate so I never pay for this.

The funny thing is everyone has a common problem….Everyone is looking for ways to make more money!  I hear the same stories from everyone:

  • Lost their job
  • Got Laid off
  • Huge credit card debt
  • Never home…always working 2-3 jobs
  • No vacations

Google Search "Home Business"

So, what does everyone do…they go to Google and search for “make money from home”, “start a home business”, “work from home”.  You get the idea.



How did you find this blog post?  I am sure it came from some of my marketing…somewhere online you found me.   You were sent to a website where you watched a presentation or something and here your are…….So what is your story?  What do you really want?  How will your life change if you can accomplish this?  For most people it is only a dream…a nice thought…I hope something will change…but they keep on doing the same thing and wonder WHY NOTHING CHANGES….

Are you in this category?

Do you believe that you can accomplish anything you want?  You can!  If you want to run a marathon…you train and you can do it.  You want to go back to school and get a degree in something…you can.  You want to be a better parent.spouse…you can .  You want to start a business…you can…you want to learn how to market online….you can.  you want to sell stuff on Ebay….you can.  Are you seeing the picture here?

Vegas Vacation

6 years ago I wanted to learn how to make money using the internet….well after many hours and $1000s of dollars…failure after failure…I DID IT!  And so can you…if you want it bad enough.

Now my business consists of daily marketing, talking with people who found me online and ……….selling stuff….business tools, lead generation stools, products to help with online marketing….information stuff….

and sponsor people into 2 programs….people who are looking to start a home business.  People who want to learn how to make $200 every month – $10000 every month.


I have learned there is only 2 ways to make money online:

  1. You sell products/services
  2. You sponsor someone into a home business of some kind

That’s it!  The 2 things that these have in common is…people skills…most people want to talk with a live person.  Most people want help they want to know that you will be there for them.

So here are a few of my products:

NEW FREE Program   Easy!


 Family IQ


Pizza Box


Lead Net Pro You need leads for your business …. Right?


Great Video!


Money is all around us…Start Looking For It!


Call me 651-330-8032  I can help


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