Are You Robbing Peter To Pay Paul….Being Broke Sucks

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Are You Robbing Peter To Pay Paul.


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A friend of mine called me asking to borrow a $100 to pay his rent tomorrow. He gets paid in 4 days…

Have you done this? Borrowing money to pay a bill…

What are you going to to do about changing this?

Being broke sucks….

I was broke when i was in my early 20’s….I did something to change that.

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If you are in this situation…what will you do to get out of it?



  • Get a second job
  • Start a home business
  • do nothing at all


Most people will choose the last option…and do nothing.  We all know people like this that all they do is complain and blame everyone else for their problems….


I have been in the “home business ” world for the past 8 years…


I believe that getting a second job may help in the short term, but it really is a band aid over a big problem.

JOB = Just Over Broke

Working two jobs taking away time with your friends and family…and having NO tax breaks is really stupid….in my opinion.


Starting a home business and paying less taxes is smart…



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Are You Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

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