Are You Happy

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Are You Happy?


Tell me what makes you happy.

Do you consider yourself a happy person?

Why or why not?

Do you strive to be happy?

What would you change?

As we move into 2013…Everyone is talking about changes or new goals.  Life is short and we all need to live life to the fullest.

So what ever makes you happy…make sure you do the best you can everyday.

Are You Happy

Setting New Years Goals


I know when I talk more with my friends and family and I do not keep things bottled up inside.  I feel better.  When i do things daily that i should be doing and I complete any job or task i feel better.   But, when i feel lazy and do not work hard, I do not feel happy.


Being self employed is not as easy as people think…You are the BOSS!

If you play all day…you are to blame….

So sometimes it makes it hard to stay on task.  But being self employed and working from home…does make me happy.  I work harder now than I ever did in Corporate America…..I am the boss.  I make all the money.

Are You Happy

Making money makes me happy!

Having $500 $1000 days make me happy.  My best day was $6025 last year.

My goal this year is to help 10 people make over $100K.  In doing this my income will double over 2012.

Can you imagine making $100K?   Most people only dream about it and never take any action….

It will take work….but you can do it.

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