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There’s three MASSIVE hurdles to overcome, though, to actually make this business easy.

1.  You have to BELIEVE that it’s easy.  If it’s not easy right now, it’s because you don’t believe that it is.  Period.  We had an explosion after the event in Atlanta in people signing up 2 people a day.  Why?

More people believe that it’s easy – so for them, it is.

2.  You have to know what to do.  This is a ‘loose framework’.  Really, you don’t have to know, you have to work your ass off until you know.  The trick here is actually keeping this as simple as it is.

Focus on leads and follow up.  Use our marketing.  Get more leads, and follow up more until you’re getting 2 people to signup a day.  Follow the 8 core steps.  Be at the next event.

Really, that’s it.  The 15k Formula will teach you where to get the leads.

3.  You have to do it.  I can’t tell you how many folk I’ve talked with in the last 3 years, that SWEAR that they’re working hard, and in a 30 minute conversation I can’t find a single thing that they’ve actually done to generate income.

They avoid everything, and take all day to do it.  That doesn’t just suck, but you ALSO won’t make lots, and lots of money doing that :)

‘Easy’ doesn’t mean ‘free of pain’.  It’s like the gym – I feel sore all over my body right now.


I let my body get ‘weanie’ and now I have a personal trainer.  In a month, I’ll stop getting sore, and going to the gym 6 days a week will be easy.


…I believe that it’s easy now.

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Why is the 2-4 plan flawed?

A couple of reasons:

1.  Who do you know who has actually been

in a network marketing company for 2-4 years?

I bet it’s less than 1 in a 100……Join Here

People quit before it works.

2.  People are more impatient than you give them

credit for.  If it doesn’t work in 90 days – they quit.

3.  It’s ACTUALLY easier to build a business fast,

than slow.  If you attempt any plan that takes longer

than 90 days, it actually won’t work.

However, I think that 90 days is too long, too.

I think you should live your dreams NOW.


Call me now…everyone else does. 651-330-8032


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