MLM Leads Business Leads

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MLM Leads Business Leads

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For the home biz promoter there are basically two types of leads.
Opportunity Seekers and Experienced Networkers

Opportunity seekers leads usually:

– Are suspicious.
– Want to be given work from home.
– Lack experience.
– Are tire kickers
– Don’t know they’ve been submitted as a leads (incentivised)
– Have no money
– Don’t believe they should have a pay for a business.
– or all of the above

Experienced network marketers usually:

– Understand how MLM works.
– Already know other people
– Know businesses cost money
– Are proven buyers (Have joined before or are in one now)
– Have money to spend
– All of the above

It’s easy to see why savvy marketers spend all their time on this type of lead only. Plus the cost is 10 times less!! If you’re not using them you’re probably missing out.

Use it for any industry, including:

– MLM (my favorite)
– Direct Sales
– Network marketing
– Security
– Real Estate
– Insurance
– Snow Removal
– Window Washing
– Land Scaping
– Carpet Cleaning
– Gutter Cleaning
– Pizza and sandwich Shops
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Every Business Needs Leads

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