300% – 500% Success Rate Using Wake Up Now Success Academy

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300% – 500% Success Rate Using Wake Up Now Success Academy

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WUN Mentor Program – What does it fix?

The promise of network marketing has always been that you can have an incredible amount of leverage and true residual income by having a large group of people implement a couple of simple straightforward daily disciplines.

The reality of the situation is far more bleak than that simple explanation would tend to suggest with an overwhelming number of network marketing participants having little to no success in their business building activities due to poor education, poor implementation, and a poor understanding of what it takes to build a successful network marketing business.

WUN Mentor Program – What is exactly?

I could summarize the Wun Mentor Program in a lot of different ways but I think the best way is that it gives the average participant a 300%-500% increase in their likelihood of hitting the rank of F3 which brings with it a $600 residual monthly income.


What would you do with an extra $600 every month?



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Wake Up Now Success Academy



If you had a team of professional closers calling your hot prospects…how much more time would you have?


If you had a team of educated professionals explaining the products…how many more people would you have on your team?


300% – 500% increase in RANK….


When i learned about this new program…I bought it….Many people on my team bought it….


One of the best investments I made this year…


This worth around $30K in revenue …would you spend $500 to make $30K more money…..I know dumb question.


But the fact is that only 20% of people who are trying to build a home business would invest in themselves.


You need to develop new people skills.  You need to learn new marketing skills…..you need to develop yourself to become the person you want to be…

It happens over time.


How big will your business be next year?


I met many people who have been involved with Wake Up Now for less than 1 year who are making $10-$20K monthly.


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