FamilyIQ School 9/21 Webinar Recap

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September 23, 2011

FamilyIQ School 9/21 Webinar RECAP


WOW! Wednesday night’s webinar was a powerful training session presented by FamilyIQ Founder, Mark Hobbins. Before Mark launched into one of the most inspiring webinars ever, he reviewed the Apple IPAD2 contest.  Many IBOs are well on their way to sponsoring the 10 people required to earn the IPAD2, and a few have already achieved the goal!  This is exiting news, and Mark stated how excited he is to give these away.

The topic of the evening was ‘Relationships,’ with a special focus on the subject of codependency.  Mark demonstrated the test, Codependency: Too Connected, and spoke about how easy it is for people who have natural helpful or service-oriented personalities to end up crossing the line into codependency.  Mark defined the term Codependency, and reviewed how we can improve our own sense of self by becoming more aware of what dependency is and how we can move toward independence.  FamilyIQ has two fascinating courses about codependency and Mark showed the attendees the benefits of each.

Much of the webinar was focused on achieving independence and being pro-acitve in our lives.  Mark shared some terrific quotes that helped everyone see how others have chosen a responsible pattern of managing their lives.   


This webinar is a must view/listen!  The recap of the Webinar can be found here:

Is Your Family Worth It?


A couple of the multimedia links Mark shared at this Webinar are located here: 

This clip is from the TV show The View where Billy Ray Cirus appeared and confessed he acted more as a friend to his daughter as opposed to a parent. This is a common codependent characteristic and behavior.

This is a song and video from the Eagles, the song is called, ‘Get Over It.’  This song provides a lighter way to communicate the idea of dependency vs independence.  Mark stated that somewhat provocative song has a point, that being that is that many people blame others rather than accepting responsibility. This song is offered here as an entertaining view of dependent vs. Independent characteristics.  


Next Webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, September 28th. Please register using the following link:  


You can also check the website for more information about upcoming and past meetings.  


Important Contest Reminder!  


FamiyIQ is sponsoring a contest to win an IPAD2 for all those who personally sponsor 10 new IBOs!   This contest is running NOW and will expire 9/30/11 at midnight.    


Join us every Wednesday for our FamilyIQ School webinar; you can join by going to Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. pacific. Thank you to all who attended, the recording, like all of the meeting recordings, will be placed on the FamilyIQ School website and all our IBOs can watch the replay there.


A number of past meetings are now on video on  We are slowly porting all of the past meetings to that video album. These videos are in a format that everyone can easily see and hear. You can also access these on the webpage (look on the right hand side of the page for links to past RECAP webinars) 


Mark your calendar for next week’s exciting meeting. It will be a good one!   


Please come to our next FamilyIQ School webinar…. It’s worth it’!


Not only is Family IQ giving great value to the world….You can make full time income from this opportunity.  Go Here To See The Marketing Webinar.

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